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on May 11, 2017

Master the craft of hosting with these three easy steps

Feeling like it's time to host a fabulous cocktail party? Great idea. But is your current bar up to the task? If not properly planned, hosting can be tricky and often costly. Thankfully, we’ve got a few pointers to make your next big gathering the talk of the town.

Budget smart
Many standard cocktail drinks include 
vodka, gin and rum as well as corresponding mixers such as ginger ale, soda, tonic and fruit juice. The concoctions are never-ending, but you don't really want to break the bank just to have too many options. It’s best to design your drink menu around two or three base liquors, which you can explore using smart mixers, bitters and aperitifs. Do your research and select alcohols that offer the broadest flavour combinations for the biggest variety.

Prep work
Being a good host doesn’t mean standing off in a corner shaking and stirring all night. You need to be present. If you're kicking the evening off with some dry martinis, mix your spirits beforehand and serve them from a stylish pitcher. Punch bowls are another playful option that encourages self-serving. The same rules apply to food. Don’t be stuck juggling four burners, a roast and three desserts. Keep the crowd well-fed with creative snacks and strip the menu down to a few basic standouts.

The wow factor
Consider snacking options from off the beaten trails (check out our Snacks Collection for some tasty ideas). As far as cocktails are concerned, look for crafted Cocktail Mixers that can transform your bases into something mind-blowing. Sure, you can save with the mass-produced stuff but the whole point of this exercise is to elevate the easy. Nowadays, craft sodas with ingenious flavor combinations are popping up everywhere—in fact, we carry Montreal’s own 3/4 OZ., a top-shelf mixer label known for its expertly crafted tonic, cola, ginger ale, and their latest, spritz syrups.

Keeping things simple doesn’t mean having to forego creativity and all the tasteful trimmings. In fact, part of the reason we’re simplifying the broad strokes is to put more emphasis on the details that make the difference. Remember, stripped down can be dressed up too. Happy hosting!

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